A cantilever is a portion of a truss that extends over its bearing, allowing both bottom and top chords to function beyond the limits of the bearings. Typically special webbing conditions are designed into cantilever trusses to ensure loads throughout the truss transfer properly to the bearings. Cantilevers can be up to one-third of the overall span on the truss.

A common application for a cantilever is a porch where a post and beam bearing may otherwise be used. Truss technicians that incorporate a cantilever into their truss designs can save the project considerable costs with minimal changes in the design of the truss. A cantilever can also be used in lieu of an overhang creating height within the truss over the bearing, similar to an energy heel. When this method is used for overhangs, considerations for sub-fascia should be taken into account and manufacturing tolerances are greatly reduced for variances in the truss and overhang.