Overall Depth

Floor truss depth is measured from the bottom chord to the top chord and typically maintains that height throughout the span of the truss. Most floor trusses range from 16” to 24” in depth. The overall depth of a floor truss is typically determined by a building designer depending on the mechanical purposes of the floor truss. Floor trusses are a great way to conceal mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems as their open web design creates a naturally accessible space for various trades to ”hide” their work. Floor trusses can also be designed with a chase for air ducts to run perpendicular to the truss layout. Overall depth is a critical factor in determining which air handling systems can be designed for use in a given space.

Manufacturing capabilities for individual component facilities dictate the maximum overall depth that can be manufactured at that location. Most floor truss manufacturing machines are capable of producing floor trusses up to 24”, but that doesn’t mean a taller floor truss couldn’t be built if the manufacturing equipment was capable.