A Coordinated Effort to Focus on Safety

Framers at Ace Carpentry Inc.  (Manassas, Virginia) are regular participants in OSHA’s National Safety Stand-Down, an annual opportunity to discuss safety and emphasize the importance of fall prevention, and their team took some creative drone photos during the 2018 event, . General Manager Thomas Vittitow organized the above photo saying that work on the jobsite can become isolating, so “getting them together and trying to orchestrate something to that effect – it kind of gives us all [time] to just be involved with each other.”

Thomas also organizes a cookout each year for Ace Carpentry’s jobsite crews during the Stand-Down. After the meal they hold an hour long meeting to discuss safety topics using FrameSAFE, the National Framers Council (NFC) safety program. “The FrameSAFE program as a whole has become a huge asset to our company,” he says. The NFC is a council of SBCA and has dramatically increased opportunities for communication and collaboration between framers and component manufacturers.

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